Saturday, 20 October 2012

Just Quoting

Kiko's words (How I feel about life):

Clowns seems the happiest person in the world, but they might pretend to be happy to make other people happy.

Sometimes people that make the rules are the one that always break them first.  Rules are made to be broken.  *Rebelliousness*

Trust yourself.  Never trust someone before you believe in yourself.

If you are afraid of being hurt by someone else, use your imaginary with your mind.  By doing that, it is the only way for you to not being hurt by that person.

Being extremely happy for a day can make us extremely sad and frustrated someday.

Everyone is not perfect.  Even a machine and robot can be broken.

Hey dudes, if you want a good looking and a perfect girl, you should get a barbie doll for yourself then.  

If we have been through good and bad times together with our loved one, it will make us stick together for a long time.

"We are living in the hypocrite society."

Pretending to be ok is one of the way to move on in our life.

Threat is a song of failure.  If you threat people to get what you want, you have failed already.

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