Saturday, 24 March 2012

Lomo oh LOMO!!

Today my friends and I went for a walk at the city (Kuching).  We went shopping at India Street, Boulevard and Giant at Tabuan.  (Fuhh..What an exhausting day!)  Oh yes, M forgot to include OneJaya shopping mall in the list.  Most of the clothes at the OneJaya are very trendy and I feel like I wanna buy all of them.  Unfortunately, their price are high and I didn't think its worth it for me to buy it.  Maybe when I have a job, I'll spend my money there.  hoho...  By the way, today is the second time that I go for window shopping at OneJaya Mall.  This time I managed to survey lomo cams at a shop.  (Forgot the name of the shop already   -..-" )  It's makes me getting more excited to buy one of the lomo cam later when I saw them in front of me.  I've asked the shopkeeper about their price.  The cheapest price of the lomo cams that have been sell at the shop is RM59.00 (Lomo cams,Fish eyes I guess).  And then I asked about the price for Diana lomo cams that have flash light on it.  The price for it is about RM450.00.  Gulp!  I can't afford to buy that Diana lomo cams when M still a student I think.  I can't afford it.  (T^T)  Then the shopkeeper recommended me to buy a lomo cam that worth RM110.  I'll save my money to buy that lomo cam later.  I really want it!!  M serious...
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