Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Back to Retro

If you all notice, nowadays, most of the designers design clothes based on retro styles.  From the clothes, to the shoes and other accessories.  It get high demand in the market.  Retro or vintage styles have become a trend on the street.  Most of indie bands also like retro fashion.  I love retro and vintage styles also.  I like shoes and bags that have retro looks.  On the other hand, when I'm in campus, I can see students wear polka dot shoes or shirts.  Most of the them like to wear that kind of clothing.  It's quite pretty actually. Other than that, last semester, we attended a dinner that have been organized by our faculty.  The theme for that dinner was retro also. It is not difficult to find the dress that suite the theme.  It's seems that we've go back to 60's something.  Well...Who cares right?  As long as the fashion or the style looks amazing, so clap clap clap to the designers that dare to take challenges in bring back the retro style to the modern days.  Credit for them ^_____^

more polka dots

Retro dress..Cute right?

Wanna buy this kind of shoe someday.. ^^

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